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Our Biosensor Technology

We develop multi-functional electronic devices for measuring, testing and detecting the molecular composition of chemical and biological substances for the presence, absence, or quantity of target molecules.



Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Personalize drug dose based on individual pharmacokinetics
Optimize drug efficacy
Minimize adverse drug effects

Elosia Child Nutrition (China)

Analyze breast milk and formula milk

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Customized solutions using ZiO's biosensor technology

Rapid development
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Using ZiO's Technology

Place sample into cartridge

One cartridge tests for multiple parameters

Insert cartridge into the device

Our hardware devices are compatible with all cartridge ranges

Receive results on your mobile app

ZiO's software component will display results, information and advice


Meet the Founders


Dr. Neel Patel

Co-founder & CEO


Rory Ryan

Co-founder & CPO


Dr. Shaolin Liang

Scientific Founder

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